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Even though most of the world is still tut-tutting about R&B stringbean Chris Brown's violent treatment of former girlfriend Rihanna this year, Australian listeners saw fit to make his 2007 single With You the 13th most downloaded track in the nation this week. Clearly they like the old stuff more

How labels are cashing in on music piracy

IF YOU can't beat 'em, join 'em. It may sound like an unlikely solution to the debate over illegal file sharing but Tom Majerczak insists it's the way forward for his fledgling independent rock label Hobbledehoy.

Enjoy life in the slow lane

Want to chill out? Here are some professions to consider, writes David Wilson.

Free Digital Plan May Give Us Real Choice

The television industry in general, and free-to-air TV in particular, make so few good decisions these days that when one comes along, it feels like a slap in the face with a cast-iron Logie. Last week's Herald reported the free-to-air networks were in talks to introduce a "Freeview"-type digital service, more